Barbara L. Beach, LPC,NCC

When Life Becomes Difficult . . .
... Help is Here
Counseling Specializing
Anxiety - Depression - Grief/Loss -
Pet Loss - Trauma - Transition -
Personal Growth
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*   Licensed Professional Counselor
*   Board Certified Counselor
*   American Counseling Association Member

Phone:  970-217-7124

My Mission . . .
... to offer adult individuals the opportunity to learn effective and satisfying ways of living their lives.  To provide the knowledge and tools for dealing with effects of the past and for creating a more positive present.  To offer hope for self acutalization in the future.
My Mission
My Focus . . .
. . . to address issues so many of us face on a daily basis.  Each person's life experiences and daily interactions can create difficulty in our ability to function at a comfortable level.  Often people need help in establishing healthy boundaries. That is something I would be honored to work with you on. 
Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, trauma, transition, attention deficit, or just have the feeling that you are suffering and not feeling much joy in life -- together we can overcome your challenges.  I can also help you discover whether or not you are having personal conflicts due to family or co-workers who have a personality disorder.
Feeling "stuck" does not have to continue.
     In order to keep my Colorado Professional Counselor License and my National Counselor Certification current, I am required to participate in 100 hours of Continuting Education every five years.
     I am and have been in compliance for 15 years.
* EMDR Basic Training I & II
* How the Brain Forms New Habits: Why            Willpower is not  Enough
* Developing Positive Emotional Habits
* Victor Frankl: An Intimate Portrait
* Shedding Light on the DSM-5
* Best Practices in Sex Offender
   Investigation and Management
* Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
* New Trends in Cognitive Behavior Therapy
* Toxic Anger
* Top 3 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment
* Mastering Panic & Generalized Anxiety
* Helping Adult Clients Grow Up
* Strategies from Neuroscience that Improve
   Treatment Outcomes
* Suicide: The Best Assessment & Treatment
* The Gift of ADHD
* ADHD: New Trends on Meds., Diagnosis, &

* Treating Narcissism
* Understanding Personality Disorders
* Assessing & Treating Trauma & PTSD
* Training your Brain to Adopt Healthful
   Habits: Mastering 5 Brain Changes
* Yoga & Mindfulness: Clinical Interventions
   for Anxiety & Depression
* Tapping for Emotional Regulation
* Trauma, Addiction, and Grief
* ADHD & Processing Disorders
* Subjective Well-Being
* Healthy Personality
* Hospice Volunteer Training
* Motivational Interview for Families Dealing
   with Substance Abuse
* Understanding Normal Adolescent Dev.
* Club Drugs, New Drugs, and Sponsors Info. 
* Hope and Progress--Movement Disorder
* Personality Disorders in Social Work and
   Health Care
* The Business of Private Practice
* Helping Survivors of Catastrophic and
   Unexpected Grief
* Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis, and
* Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms:
   Linking Physical and Behavioral Health for
   Better Outcomes
* Treatment of Borderline Personality
   Disorder:  An Integrative Approach
* ... and others not listed
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